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The buildings are packed with mining gear and memorabilia of this once thriving community that even exceeded Yuma's population in the 1880s - Southwest Blend

Yuma Offical Vistors Guide

Allen and Stephanine Armstrong have re-created a ghostly mining town of more than two dozen buildings (now 37) in a pristine desert setting surrounded by nearly 7700,000 acres of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. Each building - from hotels and saloons to a blacksmith shop and general store - is pretty much a self-contained museum, filled to the rafters with authentic artifacts - Yuma Offical Vistors Guide

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Castle Dome Mines Museum keeps the dreams alive...most intriguing musuem - Arizona Highways


Lust for Gold. Experience Castle Dome Mines Museum, a preserved town that showcases the everyday life of Arizona's mining past - Cocopah

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Artifacts that fill the buildings have been pulled from the mine shafts-preserved by a perfect mix of temperature and humidity...Over the centuries, there is evidence of Spanish mining - Armstrong found a pair of Spanish silver stirrups that are now on display - as well as prospectors in the 19th century and strong evidence that the Chinese mined here - Winter Visitor Guide

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Oldest Levi's...When Allen Armstrong brags that he owns one of the the oldest pairs of Levi's he's not exaggerating. He dredged up a pair that dates to the 1890s from an abandoned mine shaft in the historic Castle Dome mining distric - Arizona Highways

An Excellent Mining Museum

Castle Dome Mines Museum & Ghost Town is one of The Sun Runner's favorite Arizona desert treasures. We know that we're a California desert magazine, but who can resist crossing the Colorado River for something as inspiring as Castle Dome? Allen & Stephanie Armstrong, who have been restoring and developing this museum since the 1990s, have created a ghost town filled with authentic period artifacts that bring the district's mining history vividly to life. We have to rank Castle Dome Mines Museum & Ghost Town as one of the desert's best museums and a must-see location for any fan of desert history and culture. Simply fantastic! Pack a picnic from Yuma or Quartzsite and spend the day here (we stayed for hours and didn't want to leave). Well worth the 10-mile drive off Highway 95. The natural beauty of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge is an added benefit! - The Sun Runner Magazine


We did our engagment pictures here. The atmosphere is great. I loved the old buildings and artifacts. Great way to spend the afternoon. - Judith Reaves

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Oh my gorgeousness! I know I use that word a lot on your blog but I just can't help it :) All the elsemlibhments are beautiful, love those bells, and your coloring is perfect! Sending lots of hugs your way, Katie - Lorenzo

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Castle Dome Mine Museum - 27550 East County 15Th Street North State Route 4 Yuma, AZ 85365